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Your Cargo Solution in Ecuador

International Swift Cargo (Cargo Agent, Ecuador) has had its legal existence since 1997.
More than 20 years of experience in foreign trade and comprehensive logistics allow us to offer tailored solutions. International Swift Cargo stands behind and guarantees its service at the highest level.
Our operating industries are: Textile, Taps and Sanitaryware, Ceramics, Telephony and Communications, Oil, Mining, Construction, Aerospace, Crafts, Live Animals Transportation.


Promote excellence in the logistics chain, exceeding the limits to provide solutions that enhance import and export operations. Through our passion for efficiency and innovation, we are committed to simplifying and speeding up processes, connecting businesses globally and creating sustainable value for our customers and partners.


Lead the digital revolution in the Ecuadorian logistics sector by providing a platform that allows our clients to accurately track and manage their shipments. Leveraging technological advances and innovation, we strive to redefine service standards, delivering an exceptional experience and ensuring our customers' trust at every step of the process.


It is an important part of the services we offer. The procedures during the execution of transportation are carried out in accordance with the standards established by I.A.T.A and the procedures manual of our company.


We guarantee the safety of our work team by preventing workplace accidents, following established procedure manuals and, above all, caring for the entire planet, avoiding environmental pollution.

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