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Your Cargo Solution in Ecuador

A logistics operator, multiple services, no matter the origin, destination, size or weight, its industry or its field of action, whether by plane, sea, land or multimodal, Swift Cargo puts the world in your hands!
We create high-quality solutions for small or large projects, we exceed your expectations by understanding your needs. We are a team of professionals who combine their effort, knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Backed up by partners strategically located around the world, we optimize resources, reduce transit times, organize every detail of your logistics, from collection at the point of origin to delivery at the final destination. We anticipate possible complications and minimize the risks in the execution of transportation.

Swift Cargo facilitates your logistics activity, makes it organized, easy, fast and safe.




About Us

We are a logistics operator, multiple services.

No matter the origin, destination, size or weight of your shipment, its industry or field of action, if it is by planesealand or multimodalSwift Cargo, Cargo Agent in Ecuador puts the world in your hands!

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